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Supporters of clean energy and climate change legislation have generated significant phone volume into Senate offices over the last 6 months.  They days of "we are just not hearing about this" are over.  However, given the ticking clock and likelihood that the legislative process in the Senate will be heating up or melting down very soon, we need to generate more and more volume at important moments in the debate!

The 72 Hours for Clean American Power campaign is asking you to deliver four key messages during your call to Senate offices:

1.  Who you are
2.  Where you are from
3.  Why you are calling
4.  NOW is the time to act on Comprehensive Clean Energy and Climate Change Legislation

Who You Are:  Who you are is extremely important to Senators and their staff.  One of the primary goals of the 72 Hours is to demonstrate broad and diverse support for comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation.  As a result, it is very important that you tell Senate offices who you are.  If you're a student, tell them you're a student.  If you're a pastor, let them know.  If you're a farmer or professor or parent, tell them!  Give them all the information they ask for and more.  This part is essential.

Where You're From:  This is also extremely important.  Senators need to know that clean energy and climate advocates come from every corner of their state.

Why You're Calling:  Senators need to know why you care.  Whether your motivation is based on your faith, the environment, national security, or jobs and the economy (or all of the above!), it is essential to let Senators know why you care.

Urgency:  Now is the time to act on Comprehensive Clean Energy and Climate Change Legislation.  If the Senate does not act this year - especially in the next few months, the clock will run out on this Congress, and it could be a very long time until they take it up again.

Ready to add your voice?  Dial 1-877-9-REPOWER, enter your zip code, and your call will be directed to the appropriate office.  Simple as that. 

What you have to say matters, so take a minute to say it!


Hi- My name is Bob Smith and I'm from Town/City.  I'm a Christian who is concerned about climate change.  I want to see you do something about climate change now.  If we don't do something, our children and grandchildren will continue to suffer the consequences, in addition to the people who are already suffering today.  They'll have to deal with rising sea levels, stronger storms, and increased famine and droughts.  It's up to you to make the decisions that will create a better today and tomorrow for all of us.  Please pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation, and please, do it now!
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