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February: Global Warming

February 9th, 2006

The CreationVoice has three top-notch articles below on how you can Love, Serve, and Protect God’s creation by confronting global warming.  It’s been a busy week for God’s people with regard to global warming, and we can’t help but see His hand in the timing of it all!

Before going into those, here’s a quick summary of the problem and the possible solutions.

The Problem: 'Greenhouse gases' in our atmosphere (namely, carbon dioxide or CO2 and methane) act as global insulators by reflecting the heat back at God’s good earth.  There is a direct correlation between more CO2 and global warming throughout Earth’s history, and scientists overwhelmingly agree that humans are responsible for the drastic increase in atmospheric CO2 in the past 100+ years.  Burning fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, and coal all release billions of pounds of CO2 annually have tipped the climatic scales toward radical warming.

The potential consequences of continuing to interfere with the sky’s God-designed cycles are pretty grim – rising ocean levels, permanent draughts, collapsing climate systems, melting glaciers & ice caps, and imploding habitats for wild species.  It is a threat to coast-dwelling people, our food supply, and the delicate ecosystems which God uses to provide for his creatures.

The Solutions:  In a word, less!  Cutting emissions of greenhouse gasses from our vehicles, industries, homes, and churches are the most meaningful steps to turn the deadly tide of global warming.  Other solutions include “carbon sequestration,” which is a fancy way of saying “replanting forests to reabsorb CO2 from the atmosphere.”

In 1997, 156 countries signed the Kyoto Protocol, a pledge to reduce their country’s greenhouse gas emissions to 7% below their 1990 levels by February 2005.  President George W. Bush has withdrawn America from this important step toward averting worldwide catastrophe.

LOVEWhat kind of Christian should care about global warming?  Every kind.

A note from Peter Illyn

Our cheery one-eyed founder considers recent headlines concerning evangelical action on global warming and reinforces the certainty that this is an issue for all Christians. (Read More)

SERVEKyoto Christo – Hot Steps for a Cooler Planet

by Brandon Rhodes

Churches, campuses, and families are all taking responsibility for global warming.  Rhodes shares personal experience in mobilizing campus action and gives suggestions for how your church, campus, and household can serve God’s creation by stopping global warming. (Read More)

PROTECTJoin the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming

The hottest group talking about global warming these days is the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming.  Hundreds of thousands of people and dozens of partner organizations are all coming together under their banner to declare that global warming is the most urgent threat facing humanity today.  As they say, “Think Globally!  Act Virtually!”  A 30 second visit is all it takes.

Your US representative and senators also will love to hear that you demand action on the threat of global warming.  Be sure to tell them you’re a Christian! :-)

“Warmest” regards,
Restoring Eden Staff

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