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May: Earth Day

April 20th, 2006

Christ is risen, the flowers are in bloom, and the Arctic Refuge has been spared (for now)!  In anticipation of Earth Day, we've got some reflective articles and exciting news to share.


by Peter Illyn

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on llamas, petals that stay on his nose and eye-patches, Silver white winters that melt into springs, These are a few of Peter's favorite things!  Here, Peter reflects on the beauties of April, and takes on an adventure in etymology.  Find out why loving creation comes out of the heart of God under the fold.

SERVEEaster, Earth Day, and Flower Power

by Brandon Rhodes

We can serve God’s creation by listening in on Earth Day as it too recalls Christ’s resurrection with the fragrant colors of springtime.  In this article, Brandon Rhodes considers how Christians can continue the Easter celebration into this weekend’s Earth Day festivities by drawing on the thoughts and traditions of great people in church history.  Dive in to learn the true meaning of flower power! (read more)

PROTECTThe Arctic Refuge again protected by the bold defiance of moderate Christians

Great news!  Once again, 24 moderate Republicans stood up to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from attempts by their own party to open it up to violent oil drilling and industrial sprawl.  While it was still in committee, the Republican leadership tried to place funding for drilling into the final budget bill, which had passed the Senate 51-49.  But thanks to these 24 moderate Republican Representatives, the budget that came out of the House Budget Committee does not include the drilling.  Their moral certainty has saved the Arctic Refuge from another round of drilling.  We’re glad so many students joined us last month to speak out on behalf of the arctic caribou to our elected representatives.

This victory confirms what so many observers are talking about: historically conservative folks are recognizing that protecting God’s creation is a moral issue that cannot be compromised on.  A Harvard study discussed by the Christian Science Monitor shows that young Christian voters are becoming more integrative in their application of biblical principles to the political world.  They are seeing issues like creation care as moral, which should spread across party lines. And the International Herald Tribune published an article earlier this week showing a nonpartisan centering of the Christian vote, particularly among evangelicals.

We are excited to see that God’s community will not let the Bible be held captive by either party, and look forward to building the consensus among Christians on both sides of the aisle that creation care is a biblical and moral issue that the world’s “least of these” cannot afford for us to ignore.  Click thru for more…

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