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June: Q&A, Farms, and a Conference

June 7th, 2006

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LOVEHas Restoring Eden misused a scripture in our mission statement?

by Peter Illyn

The eZine of Restoring Eden will begin a regular series where we try to answer tough, complicated questions.  Our goal is to foster community through shared conversation. Just because there are no easy answers to life’s tough questions, doesn't mean we get to avoid asking them. (read more)

SERVEChurch ministry helps local organic farmer

by Dan Johnson and Adam Rust

One of the great tragedies of the 20th and early 21st centuries is the decline of the family farm.  Local, organic farmers keep the land healthy, food fresh, local economies strong, and produce less greenhouse gases than toxic industrial farming.  But for all their good, they are constantly threatened by industrial farming.  On May 29th, though, Imago Dei Community church decided to do something about it.  Several members bicycled over 20 miles to a local struggling farmer to lend a few hands.   It was the start of a relationship the church will have with the farm in which concerned attendees will regularly get to bless a creation-honoring farmer. (read more)


PROTECT"Tending the Garden: Rediscovering the Church's Responsibility to Environmental Stewardship" Conference

Things keep going green in red states.  This time, on August 1-2, Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Boise, ID, will be convening a national-level summit that will discuss why and how local congregations can go green.  This is the place to be if you want to learn more about greening your faith community -- next to the CreationVoice, of course. ;)

First-rate speakers will be taking the soapbox to the pulpit by mobilizing God's people to serve God's creation.  Restoring Eden founder Peter Illyn will join Cal DeWitt of the Evangelical Environmental Network, Bert Waggoner of the Association of Vineyard Churches, and Pastor Tri Robinson of Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Boise in giving the keynote speeches.  And workshops will cover topics from "Selling the Vision in the Local Church" to "Environmental Evangelism."

Remember in Lord of the Rings when everybody meets up to figure out how to save the world?  Yup, that's pretty much how big and cool this conference is going to be!  And it all starts in the Gem State this August.

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Cheers and blessings,
Restoring Eden Staff

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