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10 Ways to Honor the Creator This Christmas

By Abbey Kopan & Gretchen Peck

'Tis the season to remember the birth of our savior, and the weight of his love for us.  Yet the holidays can end up being a peak time for over-consumption, excessive waste, and frivolous spending instead of a time that honors our Creator.

Restoring Eden and Renewal have put together a list of 10 very simple things you can do this season to help focus our minds and hearts on God's immense love and sacrifice for us.

1. Instead of giving gifts, consider supporting an individual or organization with the money you would have spent.  Look at to read about the heart behind this.  Also check out Plant With Purpose's Online Holiday Village Market Gift catalog as an alternative to traditional gifts.

2. Don't leave your Christmas lights on all day and night.  Choose a 2 to 5 hour block when you can enjoy them the most.

3. Choose one item from your Christmas meal to buy locally or organic.  Check out for produce and for meat and poultry.

4. Buy a potted tree that you can plant outside rather than throwing it to the curb once the holidays are over.

5. Go outside and take a walk or play a game with friends and family to enjoy Christmas Day instead of watching TV or movies.  (Or visit your llamas, like Peter...)


6. If you're traveling by car, make sure your tires are inflated properly, and don't pack more than you need in order to get the best gas mileage.

7. Rather than going through rolls of wrapping paper that will end up in the trash, consider using re-usable cloth gift bags or wrapping with old newspaper.

8. When you know you'll be baking, utilize that heat from the oven and turn the thermostat down instead of cracking a window.

9. Bring your own re-usable bags when you go Christmas shopping to avoid an unnecessary pile-up.

10. Use the cover of last year's Christmas cards and turn it into a post card rather than buying brand new cards to send to loved ones.

Even if you choose one of these things to be faithful with this Christmas, that one simple thing can serve as a gesture of love and thanks to the One who gave life to the world.

Have a blessed Christmas season!

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