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Hip, Green, Christian - A Letter from our Director

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“Hip, Green, Christian.” That’s how the magazine Spirituality & Health describes Restoring Eden’s network of Christians willing to love and protect the earth.

Hip? Maybe. Most of us do not consider ourselves ‘hip’ - just believers simply trying to be faithful stewards of a good earth that God entrusted to our care.

Restoring Eden is the community of Christians who think being called a “tree hugger” is not just a trendy nickname but is a sign of virtue. We are those believers who feel closer to God when out in nature. We are filled with wonder at the complexity and beauty that God embedded into the creation. We are the part of the church that sees the goodness and glory of God revealed in nature, and we hear the faint praise being sung by creation to the Creator. We understand the common sense truth that when we hurt the earth, we ultimately end up hurting the poor, our neighbors, and ourselves.

I know we are not the visible majority in the church, but there are still many, many of us. We have to come together and speak out as a collective voice to be heard.

As you give your end-of-the-year donations, would you please include Restoring Eden?


This has been a big year for Restoring Eden….

1. We launched Creation Reveals – our volunteer network hosting nature appreciation outings in their communities. Sign up and host an outing yourself!

2. We completed a second Appalachian Community Health Survey Project with students from thirteen colleges who gathered nearly 1,000 health surveys measuring community health risks associated with mountaintop removal coal mining.

3. Peter, Alexis, Gretchen and Nick spoke at numerous conferences, campus chapels, and churches. We even co-hosted public forum events with Arctic explorer Will Steger that highlighted the impacts of climate change on the Arctic.

4. We went to Jamaica to help write the Lausanne Consultation on the Care of Creation with other evangelical leaders and we started a project in Belize to help villages and save scarlet macaws.

5. We submitted hundreds of comments and postcards from our members to their public utilities commission encouraging them to be good stewards when developing future energy plans.


We want to do more. Restoring Eden relies on donations from our community to spread our message and build a network of Christians who share a sense of kinship with the rest of nature. Whether you consider yourself ‘hip’ or just faithful, please help us to continue strengthening the important shift happening in the church.

Our community has to grow even larger and stronger. We need your help in declaring our love and care for nature as an important expression of our Christian faith.

As we celebrate the birth of the Creator, please remember Restoring Eden in your giving. Working together, we can reach a generation and change an institution. Thank you ever so much.

For the Creator and the creation…

Peter Illyn
Founder, Restoring Eden

P.S. Will you consider becoming a monthly donor?

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