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How to get involved with Restoring Eden through loving, serving, and protecting God's creation.

Restoring Eden emphasizes three major ways to engage in stewardship of God's creation.


ashwedphotoFor us, loving nature is a call to a sense of kinship with the rest of God's creation. We don't worship nature, but we do worship alongside of it.

Scripture states that God sees creation as 'good'; that creation declares the glory of God; that creation is praising God; that creation reflects the wisdom of God.

Restoring Eden's core network is built around people whose intimacy with God is strengthened by time in nature.  Christian history is filled with men and women going into the wild places where they have an encounter with God.


treelant.GIFWhen God made humans in his image and gave us free will, we were called to rule, subdue, tend, and keep nature.  Humans were given free will to co-labor with God in protecting the fruitfulness of nature.

Restoring Eden works to encourage both environmental education and service projects that enhance the fruitfulness of nature and bring life to all that depend upon it.


forumIn the era of bulldozers, dynamite, chainsaws and drift nets, it is not enough to love and serve creation.  We must stop taking too much, too fast, and too often to the point where nature cannot replenish itself.

Restoring Eden encourages the church to safeguard the fruitfulness of creation through three types of grassroots advocacy:

1. Speaking out in the public square,

2. Letting our dollars speak in the market place, and

3. Educating the policymakers in the halls of power.

We believe there is a role for good government in society and that the best way to get good government is through active citizen involvement.

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