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Make Your Heart Bigger

There are countless ways to experience God through his creation and increase your love and appreciation for what He has made.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you:



Worship Night Under the Stars

moonrise.jpgCheck the forecast, gather a group of people, and head into the great outdoors with instruments or just voices to sing songs to the Creator of the heavens.  You can also bring candles and set up prayer and journaling stations.

Prayer Hikes

Pick your favorite hiking/walking spot (or if you're not sure, do some research about hiking trails in your area) and spend some time thanking God for what you see, smell, and feel around you, and for what He has made.

Reflection and Contemplation with God in Creation

There is a traditional Christian practice called lectio divina, which means "divine reading" that is used to facilitate connecting with God through prayer and reading of scripture.  This practice has four parts: lectio (paying attention), meditatio (pondering), oratio (responding), and contemplatio (surrendering).

This practice, traditionally done with scripture, can also be applied to a "reading" of creation.  Read more about this and how to apply it here, or download a meditative guide.

Summer Camps & Outdoor Ministries

Christian camping and wilderness adventures are wonderful ways to connect with God’s creation, make friendships, be part of a community, and through these, draw closer to God. Camps are the most common setting for a singular growth experience (Presbyterian Panel, 2002)!

The ability to soak in the raw beauty of creation in community with others makes it nearly impossible not to experience the depth and exquisiteness of God’s love.

Check out our friends at Boundary Waters Experience who do Christian wilderness trips in beautiful northern Minnesota.

Creation Photography, Art, Music, and Writing

photographer.jpgTapping into your artistic creativity is a wonderful way to express love and appreciation of the beauty God has placed all around us, no matter what your medium of choice is.  Find a place where you are moved by God's beauty, and express your amazement through photography, song, poetry, painting, or even dance!  Read through the Psalms for some inspiration.

There are also a number of places to enjoy other people's art, photography, and writing in awe of God's creation.  The following are only a few of many:

Sacred Word Concepts

Seeing Creation

Reflections of Creation

The God of Creation

Experience Simple Living with a Community of Christians

There are a number of opportunities all over the world to spend some time living and volunteering with Christians who are seeking to serve Jesus through living a simple, community lifestyle.  Below are a few that we recommend you check out:

Holden Village - Chelan, WA

Iona Community - Scotland, UK

Taize Community - Taize, France

Learn More About the Biblical Basis for Creation Care

Bible Verses

Theologies and Sermons

Recommended Books

Denominational Statements

And of course...

Show your love for creation with Restoring Eden bumper stickers and posters!

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