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Coal & Energy

Restoring Eden's work on coal, energy, and ethical electricity.

Ethical Electricity

The Moral Implications of Energy Use

Our Concern

As a network of committed Christians, Restoring Eden is deeply concerned about the health of communities across the nation who are being polluted as a result of old and new dirty coal power plants and toxic coal ash. As we continue to consume coal to power our daily activities, the repercussions on earth are damaging God’s good creation and the livelihood of our neighbors. When the true health and ecological costs of dirty energy are factored into the moral equation, the economics of coal simply does not add up. Expecting the coal industry to be a good neighbor, one that does no harm to their fellow neighbors, is not outrageous, but simply is a reasonable cost of doing business.


Our Purpose

Restoring Eden’s mission is to wake up the church to the call to care for God’s earth and all who depend on it.

JustPower is a campaign of Restoring Eden to create a new vision of an energy system- one that is guided by our love for God, and by justice, mercy, and stewardship. We want to see an electricity system that supports a healthy environment- clean air, clean water, and happy and healthy people. We work to educate and mobilize Christians to speak out about the health and environmental consequences of coal power and waste. We strive to increase public visibility and awareness of Christen concern around old and new coal plants and coal ash amongst decision makers.

Our Work

During the last year, we successfully educated Christians around issues of coal and built influence and power among decision makers in a number of ways.

In the spring, we planned three “Climate, Coal, and Your Soul” events at Christian colleges across the Midwest. Through this, we educated over 100 Christian youth around issues of climate change and the impacts of our reliance on coal in the Midwest.

We strengthened our power base this spring with our effort around the EPA coal ash ruling. We organized a joint letter with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference to governors in all fifty states asking them to encourage the EPA to take strong action around regulating toxic coal ash.

Through our outreach at Christian music festivals, this summer we talked to thousands of conservative Christians about the health and environmental effects of coal ash, collecting 3548 postcards.

This fall we recruited Christians to attend and speak at the regional EPA coal ash rulings. In total, we recruited 84 attendees, 21 speakers, organized two prayer breakfasts before the hearings, participated in a press conference in Chicago, and collected an additional 220 comments. In the end, through all our work around coal ash, we were able to generate 4,053 postcards to the EPA.

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