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Get Involved in Endangered Species Efforts

Our Purpose

God loves all that God has made, even caring and providing for the small sparrow.  Our Creator created and sustains the habitats that keep them alive and thriving, even today. Scriptures show that God goes beyond providing for wildlife, and even acts to save them from extinction!  When the Creator sent the Flood in Genesis 6, God loved all the critters so much that God gave Noah the plans for the world’s first endangered species act – an ark!  The Lord preserved all the threatened animals aboard Noah’s ark because God loved them.

As stewards of God’s earth, it’s up to us to follow God’s example and do what we can to protect and restore all of God’s amazing animals to the fruitfulness God intended for them.

Get Involved

Make your voice heard by our representatives in Congress, and by the current Administration. The politicians and developers who are scheming to dismantle and diminish acts to protect creation must be reminded by Christians that extinction isn’t stewardship.

Let people know why you care about endangered species and find it important to protect them.

Check out these links to find more ways to get involved with this issue:

Noah Alliance:  Restoring Eden is proud to be in a coalition of Jewish and evangelical organizations to raise political will for a strong and sound Endangered Species Act.  Their website is full of important information.

Endangered Species Coalition:  Restoring Eden is also a part of the Endangered Species Coalition, a group of over 400 environmental groups working on this issues that we believe is a biblical imperative.

National Wildlife Federation:  NWF has been working to protect America's wildlife since 1936.

Defenders of Wildlife:  Long known for working to protect endangered species, the Defenders also advocate new approaches to wildlife conservation that will help keep species from becoming endangered.

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