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Mountaintop Removal

Information about mountaintop removal and what Restoring Eden is doing to end it.

End Mountaintop Removal

Only God Should Move Mountains


kayfordMountaintop removal is a devastating mining practice

in which coal companies literally blow up mountains in central Appalachia- nearly 500 so far- to get to small, underlying seams of coal.  They then dump the "overburden”—what was once a mountaintop—including topsoil, rocks, minerals, trees, and other wildlife into nearby valleys. This practice not only destroys the mountains themselves but also thousands of miles of streams and untold acres of richly bio-diverse forests and wildlife habitat. Furthermore, communities near these sites suffer from devastated watersheds, drinking water poisoned with toxic minerals, increased flooding, damaged buildings from blasting, and the disappearing Appalachian mountains they hold dear.  Read more about the process of mountaintop removal >>

Our Message

At Restoring Eden, we believe that the desecration of the Appalachian mountains is a needless tragedy that not only disregards God's beautiful and majestic handiwork, but also the lives, health, culture, economy, and future of our brothers and sisters in Appalachia.

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