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Restoring Eden & ICEN

Many of the thoughts and the desire to further them through the  ICEN conversation has come from engagement with indigenous Christians during environmental campaigns that Restoring Eden has worked on with tribal churches, particularly in Papua New Guinea peterwithpngcrowd.jpgand Alaska.

1. Standing with the Lutheran and Catholic tribes of Papua New Guinea who are fighting a nickel mine owned by the Chinese government that is preparing to dump 100,000,000 tons of process nickel waste into the tropical lagoons and coral reefs that have supported the tribes for thousands of years. PNG is considered 93% Christian and yet 97% of the land is still owned by the traditional tribes.

PeterIllynFrTrimbleGilbert.jpg2. Protecting the caribou birthing grounds, the polar bear denning sites and the summer nesting marshes  of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling. Restoring Eden has stood in solidarity with the Gwich’in Nation . They have been Christians since 1855.

3. Re-establishing the once bountiful salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest - runs that have dropped from 300,000 fish to only seven that made it up the Snake River. The Pacific Northwest salmon and a major food source for the Yakima Nation, Nez pngkids.jpgPierce Nation, Yurok Nation and many others.

4. Stopping the slaughter of bison that leaves the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park as part of their traditional grazing patterns. The bison are killed because of the unproven claim that the bison carry brucellosis - a disease that causes beef cattle to miscarry.

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