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Sample Letter to Phil Heatley

Dear Honorable Phil Heatley,

My name is Caleb King. I am an American who had the privilege of spending nearly four months studying in Kaikoura, NZ as part of my university degree.  My time in your beautiful country was truly life changing; it probably does not come as a surprise to you when I say you truly have a treasure in Aotearoa.

It has come to my attention that the Ministry of Economic Development is proposing to open two blocks, 12PEG1 and 12PEG2, for deep sea oil exploration in 2012. I plead with you to revoke these blocks.  The magic of Kaikoura is its sea life. I will never forget the thrill of swimming with Dusky dolphins or snorkeling with fur seals just off the coast.

My time in New Zealand also gave me hope for the future of our world.

The efforts to re-establish native species of flora and fauna, the ingenuity of the Kiwi people, the Maori people's reverence for their place.  All of these were a refreshing break from the me-first, more-is-better, whatever-it-takes-to-preserve-my-comfort mindset of so many Americans. Please do not follow in my country's footsteps.  I can only ask you as a favor, as an admirer of your country and as a co-citizen of this world, do not risk the remarkable marine ecosystems of Kaikoura for oil.  It's not worth it.

Please revoke blocks 12PEG1 and 12PEG2.



Caleb King

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