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Sample Letter to Phil Heatley from an American Citizen

Dear Honorable Phil Heatley,

My name is XXX XXXXX and I am a concerned American citizen. I am concerned because I care deeply about the biodiversity and the uniqueness of our shared planet. Every place is different but what unites us is our vast oceans.

It has come to my attention that the Ministry of Economic Development is proposing to open two blocks, 12PEG1 and 12PEG2, for deep-sea oil exploration near Kaikoura in 2012. I plead with you to revoke these blocks. As you know, Kaikoura is a place that abounds with uniqueness and much of that is due to its proximity to and interaction with the ocean.

In my eyes, New Zealanders are highly regarded for being connected to their beautiful land and water. New Zealanders lead conservation efforts regarding the protection of native flora and fauna and the Maori people’s reverence for their place is second to none. Sadly, these characteristics rarely define us Americans.

And so, I’m asking you not to make the same mistakes my country has. We know firsthand the life-threatening impacts of deep-sea oil exploration. Hindsight will not change the destruction that happened in the Gulf Coast here in the States, but if you allow drilling in NZ, the impact to Kaikoura could be equally disastrous

As an admirer of your country and as a co-citizen of this unique world, I ask you to please revoke blocks 12PEG1 and 12PEG2.




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