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Energy Conservation

Ways that you can conserve energy

It is not too late to ponder the effects that your lifestyle has on creation and our sisters and brothers, and change accordingly.

Even though the energy we save by living more consciously may seem like a small grain of sand dropped in a vast ocean, we must start somewhere; and how we use our resources is one of the most powerful tools we have to create change.

Fall07120.JPGWhat's your impact? - Calculate your carbon footprint here.

What can you do? - Click here for practical, do-able suggestions to reduce your impact in everyday life.

Compost - By simply composting, you can substantially reduce the waste that you contribute to landfills and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases polluting our air.  Download our how to compost guide.

Energy Star - The Energy Star label that you are probably familiar with seeing on appliances can now be applied to campuses and congregations!  Find out how.

Cool Congregations - Calculate your congregation's carbon footprint using this tool.


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