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Creation Reveals

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Creation Reveals is Restoring Eden’s new project that we kicked off this Summer. As Christians, we believe God reveals himself to people in many ways and one way is through His creation. Whether it is in the splendor of majestic mountains or in the stillness of a glassy lake, people often feel close to God while spending time in nature.

Restoring Eden is encouraging Christians to get outdoors and experience the ways in which creation reveals the things of God. We organized two events earlier this summer that were filled with unique and meaningful worship experiences, contemplation, and community building. We wanted to create a space for Christians to slow down and connect with God by surrounding themselves with His handiwork! – “For by Him all things were created” (Colossians 1:16).

Though we don’t have any more Restoring Eden sponsored Creation Reveals events planned for the remainder of the year, we are still looking for people who are interested in organizing an event for their own church, community, or campus group. Please let us know if this is something you feel God leading you to do, and we would love to help you through the process. We hope to build a network of Restoring Eden members who are passionate about helping people connect to God through nature and outdoor recreation.

If interested, contact, and together we can help get more Christians outdoors experiencing how Creation Reveals!

Read more about our past events below.

Wander & Wonder: Nature Hike

For the first event, we led a hike through a beautiful forest in the Minnesota River Valley of southern Minnesota. The trees were glistening and the path was damp from a light morning rain, which made for a magical afternoon hike. Throughout the day, we read scriptures and traditional Celtic prayers.  As people walked contemplating and enjoying the stillness of the woods, you could hear the rustling of leaves from a quite breeze and the unique songs from countless hidden birds. We ate our lunch in a dried up creek bed and shared with each other details from the woods that reveal something about God, learning that our relationship with God is like moss growing on a tree branch. The afternoon ended with a silent hike back to the trailhead as people listened for any final words God had for them.


The Skies Proclaim: Outdoor Worship Night

While the nature hike created a contemplative setting, the stargazing event was a night of wonder and worship. The night began with worship songs and scripture readings as the sunset over a lake in a beautiful regional park just outside the Twin Cities.  The unfortunate effect of light pollution has made it difficult for many to enjoy the beauty of the night skies, especially those who live within big cities. However, we were just out of reach of the city’s ‘light pollution zone’ and were blessed with an absolutely cloudless night sky. Restoring Eden was also lucky enough to partner with the Minnesota Astronomical Society to have access to an observatory that was stationed on park grounds, allowing people to see far away planets and galaxies. From the rings of Saturn to distant exploding stars, the night was truly full of awesome wonder as we closed with singing How Great Thou Art.


If you have any questions or like to know more about leading an event for your own church, community, or small group, please email



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