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Earlier Events

Over the years, Restoring Eden has successfully organized numerous events raising awareness to serve and protect God's creation.


Raising Awareness

Climate, Coal, and Your Soul (Spring 2010) - A series of educational events exploring the issues of climate change, coal, and power production and use from a Christian perspective.

Bellybutton Christianity (Spring 2010) - Peter Illyn, Restoring Eden's executive director and Tweedy Malagian, a member of the Tavalu clan of the Dove tribe from Papua New Guinea, explored the importance of tribal Christian theology in helping the church rediscover a richer, relational sense of caring for God's creation at the CCO's Jubilee conference.

Ankle Deep in Reality Speaking Tours (Fall 2009) - Restoring Eden teamed up with Sara Kaweesa, a leader of A Rocha Uganda, and Rev. Tafue Lusama, a minister from the South Pacific island of Tuvalu to bring the message that climate change is a reality today.

Appalachian Witness Tours (Fall 2009) - Restoring Eden, in partnership with CCO, hosted one-of-a-kind tours into the heart of Appalachia to learn about an important human-rights issue: mountaintop removal.


Service-Learning Spring Break Trips to Appalachia - Groups from Christian colleges around the country spend a week in Appalachia, getting to know and serving the people and the land, in addition to witnessing mountaintop removal sites.


5th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington, DC (Spring 2010) - Working in solidarity with nearly 100 coal field residents and the Alliance for Appalachia, we met with our elected officials and shared why we, as Christians, feel called to be good stewards of God's creation and love our neighbors through working to end MTR.

Senate District Meetings – Speaking Truth to Power (Spring 2010) - In an effort to continue our climate change work from Fall 2009, we reached out to Christian groups around the country in Spring 2010 to meet with their Senators in their home states.

Attended the Clean Energy Economy Forum (Fall 2009) - Restoring Eden staff, along with two student representatives were part of an historic youth forum at the White House: the Clean Energy Economy Forum.

JUSTpower DC Trips – Speaking Truth to Power (Fall 2009) - Restoring Eden brought over 70 Christian students to Washington DC to make sure lawmakers don't only hear "business as usual" in the climate change conversation, but the voices of Christians standing up for the protection of God's creation and all of His people.

Protecting the Endangered Species Act

Protecting the caribou birthing ground of the Alaskan tribal Christians in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Gathering 8,000 postcards to preserve the last remaining roadless forest

Increasing federally designated wilderness areas

Protecting the last stands of old-growth Douglas fir trees in the Pacific Northwest

Gathering thousands of postcards to deliver to the EPA about regulating coal ash

Bringing dozens of groups to Washington DC to speak against mountaintop removal coal mining and to speak for an investment in a clean energy future that minimizes climate change.

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